MDK: 29 (P9)

18 May 2012 02:09 am

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I slacked off for months, but it's finally the end of this story.
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Reply jACKEt, 18 May 2012 02:12 am

Page 9 and the end of the Halloween arc.

Page 1:
Page 2:
Page 3:
Page 4:
Page 5:
Page 6:
Page 7:
Page 8:
Page 9: Reading now.


This entire story, except the vampire ending, was based on an urban legend I heard that happened around Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
Another difference between my comic and that ghost story was that the woman giving out candy had both the young girl and her mother at the door. I couldn't draw/fit the mother in with her daughter in that frame/page, so that's why the daughter is by herself instead.

I hope you like this story. It took me 9 pages just to tell a mediocre and unfunny joke.

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Reply delryyy, 03 Aug 2012 07:24 am

i take back what i said lol xD

Reply jACKEt, 03 Aug 2012 05:59 pm


But the ending was surprising, right?

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