December 14th, 2013, 2:50 pm

RIP John R. Holford

If you have read all of Many Dull Knives before, you might have noticed that John R. Holford has done two guest comics for MDK.

I just received this message today through Facebook from his father:

"John died about 1:30 AM August 29,2013. He had been living my living room for a few years. Anyway I happened to be asleep in my room and woke up to a loud thump. He had been sitting in a chair working at his computer. John was taking online classes to get a BA.
I went out to see what happened and he was there on the floor. I tried to wake him then called 911. From what they told me died in the chair and then a bit latter his body shifted enough to unbalance his chair. The medics told me he was already dead when he hit the floor.
I finally received the coroner's report it was a degenerated Mitro Valve. I have stared putting as much of his work an a web site. The site is; "

May John rest in peace.

I like to think that whenever anyone does something, they put some time, effort, and thought into it, hence, a little bit of their soul goes into anything they create.

I guess the only thing any of us can do now is to view his artwork and remember John.


Avalina (Guest), April 21st, 2015, 7:58 am

Dead but not forgotten! Sad. But his work will live on!

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